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Relationship quotes

Updated : 12 dec 2020

Relationship quotes

If we are optimist then, We live every day but die once. But if we are pessimist, we die every day but forget to live, and don't even try to learn how to live life fully. Life is not a bed of roses. We all suffer on and off.

We lose our loved ones, we miss our loved ones but our relations give us the reason to continue our life, our journey.

Relationships really matter in every one's life. They can make your life haven or hell, depending on the quality of your relationship.

Be wise and smart in order to start any relationship.
FOLLOW these quotes and wise words they will surely help you to enhance your relationship's quality. 

Compulsory characteristics of any relationship :

  • Good communication is the base of any relationship. 
  • Respect leads to love in any relationship. 
  • Trust strengthen your relationship, otherwise there is no reason to continue the relationship.

Never settle for less:

You deserve a love that  (never) not even for a second makes you question if you are enough? 

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Limit your expectations :

Limit your expectations because life is full of disappointments. You know very well that expectations leads to disappointments,  don't be complacent not everyone have heart like you, and not everyone feels the way you feel. 

Psychology says,  you are not afraid to love, you are afraid of not being loved. 
Wisdom tells us we are not worthy, Love tells us we are.
 Love creat expectations. Wisdom improves our perception of reality. 


Relationships only ever amplify what is already there. Whether you are happy, sad, angry or excited, your partner will take that energy and amplify it as they throw it back to you. That is what makes relationships amazing when you are on the same page, and the worst when you are not.

Stay strong :

It is life and you will lose the ones, who matter the most. 
Remember, Love is not complicated, people are. 
 So staying strong is good for your mental and emotional health. 

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