Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Relationship quotes


Relationship quotes

If we are optimist then, We live every day but die once. But if we are pessimist, we die every day but forget to live, and don't even try to learn how to live life fully. Life is not a bed of roses. We all suffer on and off.

We lose our loved ones, we miss our loved ones but our relations give us the reason to continue our life, our journey.

Relationships really matter in every one's life. They can make your life haven or hell, depending on the quality of your relationship.

Be wise and smart in order to start any relationship.
FOLLOW these quotes and wise words they will surely help you to enhance your relationship's quality. 

Compulsory characteristics of any relationship :

  • Good communication is the base of any relationship. 
  • Respect leads to love in any relationship. 
  • Trust strengthen your relationship, otherwise there is no reason to continue the relationship.

Never settle for less:

You deserve a love that  (never) not even for a second makes you question if you are enough? 

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Limit your expectations :

Limit your expectations because life is full of disappointments. You know very well that expectations leads to disappointments,  don't be complacent not everyone have heart like you, and not everyone feels the way you feel. 

Psychology says,  you are not afraid to love, you are afraid of not being loved. Wisdom tells us we are not worthy, Love tells us we are. Love creat expectations. Wisdom improves our perception of reality. 


Stay strong :

It is life and you will lose the ones, who matter the most. 
Remember, Love is not complicated, people are. 
 So staying strong is good for your mental and emotional health. 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Independence day quotes

Independence day quotes :

Pakistan's Independence Day is celebrated on August 14. And India's on August 15, because in 1947 the ceremonies for the transfer of power were held a day earlier in Pakistan, so that the last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, could attend the ceremonies in both Pakistan and India

Independence day quotes  for all patriotic Pakistani fellows. Happy independence day. 
May you all take part in the progress and prosperity of the motherland Pakistan.

Pakistan independence day quotes
Pakistan's independence day 

  • "I didn't ask to be Pakistani. I just got lucky". 
  • "Freedom is not free, let thanks to all who paid the price. Happy independence day". 
  • "If you are not ready to die for it, put word freedom out of your vocabulary". 
  • "Independence is a greatest gift of Allah. May we always remain independent". 
  • "Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, pride in our hearts and memories in our soul, Let's salute the nation on independence day". 
  • "Celebrate the true spirit of independence with commitment to a better tomorrow". 
  • "If we want to make this great state of Pakistan happy and prosperous. We should wholly and solely concentrate on the wellbeing of the peopel and especially of the masses and poor people". 
~Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  • "There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan". 
~Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Saturday, June 6, 2020


Updated: 13 June 2020

Solitude :

Sometimes it is really hard to deal with people, 
  • People who don’t want to listen you.
  • People who don’t value  you .
  • People who take you for granted .
Then the best solution for you is stay away from them .

You know why? 

"Being alone is better than being ignored."
“Being alone is better than losing your self respect.”

"It is better to be a lonely loin, than a popular sheep".

Don’t get disheartened 
"Sometimes life is too hard to be alone , and sometimes it is too good to be alone."

"Don’t let getting lonely make you reconnect with toxic people,
You shouldn’t drink poison just because you are thirsty."

And you know what? 
"No matter how many friends you have in the end of the day, you will be alone with your problems and pain."

There is a little difference between loneliness and solitude. 

Loneliness :

When you feel lonely when you are alone then you are actually emotionally weak.

  “ If you are  lonely when you are alone, you are  in bad company.”

In Jung's views :
"Loneliness doesn't come from having no people around,  but from unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself , or from holding certain views which others find inadmisable."
~carl Jung 

Solitude :

And solitude is the state of emotional wellness. 
  • In which  you feel you are enough. 
  • You feel ok either someone wants to spend time with you or not .
Although we are social creatures still begging time from someone is not advice able from me .

“Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone.”
 ~Ken Poirot

“Loneliness is the poverty of self, solitude is the richness of self.”
~May sarton

Solitude quotes, difference between solitude and loneliness.
Be a loner. It is better than being ignored. 

“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living”.
~Albert Einstein 

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible”.
~Pablo Picasso 

Solitude quotes, difference between solitude and loneliness.
No solitude, no serious work. 

“The best thinking has been done in solitude”.
~Thomas Edison

Solitude is addictive:

 “Solitude is dangerous. Its addictive once you see how peaceful it is , you don’t want to deal people.”

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Eid poetry

Updated : 15 July 2020

Eid poetry 

عید کا دن ہے اور میری یہ کوشش اور خواہش تھی کہ آپ تک کچھ مثبت، کچھ خوش کن الفاظ پہنچاؤں، پر یہ شاعر لوگ، یہ حساس لوگ مجال ہے جو خوشی کے لمحوں میں بھی خوش رہ پائیں۔
کوئی نہ کوئی غم انہیں بے حال کئے رکھتا ہے ۔
:بقول شخصے 
تو بتا اے دلِ بے تاب ، کہاں آتے ہیں
!!ہم کو خوش رہنے کے آداب کہاں آتے ہیں

تو آپ لوگوں سے گزارش ہے کہ آپ فلحال 
اس مواد سے ہی لطف اندوز ہوں ۔ ہرچند کہ تھوڑا آزردہ کرنے والا ہے۔ 
پریقین جانیے کافی معیاری ہے۔
تو چلیں آغاز کرتے ہیں ۔

Eid poetry collection :

ہٹا کر زلف چہرے سے نہ جانا شام کو چھت پر
کہیں کوئی عید نہ کر لے ابھی رمضان باقی ہے ۔ ۔ ۔

Eid poetry, ramzan poetry, eid mubarak, eid wishes,
Kaheen koi eid na kr ly abhi ramzan baqi hy.

عید کا چاند تم نے دیکھ لیا
!چاند کی عید ہوگئی ہوگی

عید بھی منالیں گے 
یہ فرض بھی نبھالیں گے 

رسم دنیا ہے نبھالیتے ہیں 
عید آتی ہے منالیتے ہیں ۔ ۔ 
اتباف ابرک ~

ہر ایک درد کی شدت چھپائی جائے گی
عید تو عید ہے، آخر منائی جائے گی۔ ۔ ۔

Eid poetry, eid mubarak images in urdu.
Eid poetry 

!یہ جو اتنا خلوص لائے ہو
 اس کا اب میں آچار ڈالوں کیا؟
!ٹھیک ہے، عید ہے، مگر بھائی 
اب اداسی کو مار ڈالوں کیا؟
عابی مکھنوی~

Eid mubarak images, eid poetry, eid wishes
Is udasi ko mar dalon kia : eid saeed

ہوئی عید سب نے پہنے طرب و خوشی کے جامے
نہ ہوا کہ ہم بھی بدلیں یہ لباس سوگواراں۔ ۔ ۔
میرتقی میر~

Eid mubarak images, eid poetry, eid wishes
Turb u khoshi k jamay : eid mubarak

کہاں کی عید،کیسی عید، کیا عید ؟
یہ کیا گڑبڑ مچائی جارہی ہے؟ 
جون ایلیا ~

اب کے کیا عید مناوں میں
اس گھر کو آخر کیا سجاوں میں
گزرے ہیں کیا کیا الم ہجر کے
کوئی پوچھے تو کیا بتاوں میں
ہم ہارے ہوئے ہیں خود زندگی سے
کسی کو جینا کیا سکھاوں میں
اب تو وہ غم خوار بھی نہیں رہے پاس
کسی کو کیا داغ دل دکھاوں میں
میں خود سے نہ نبھا سکا زندگی بھر
خرم اور کسی سے کیا نبھاوں میں
خرم کاظمی~

حالانکہ بہت خاص۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ہوتی ہیں 
مگر جانے کیوں؟ عیدیں اداس ہوتی ہیں 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lesson learned in life

Updated :7 sep 2020

Lesson learned in life :

 Every  individual has his own ideas and believes about life .
Most of us fail to understand the concept of life.

“Some people don’t understand the concept of life. Life is a struggle and struggle until you are happy.”

Life is not always the same you were used to know or you were used to  experience,  it has different stages , and every stage demand a different you . There is no finite lesson in a life because it is full of uncertainty. 

Many of the most valuable lessons life teach us will come with some amount of discomfort. It is just growing pains. 

Every incident of life teach you a different lesson. Best ones are those who are open to learn and modify or adjust themselves in different situations. 
Life literally teach you in a way that no one can teach you , because you can’t skip a single phase of your life and every phase is full of lessons.

Although I’m not a good student but life hit me too hard that it  automatically enabled me to learn what it want to teach me.

Here are some lessons I have learned in life so far. 

  • Every test is a blessing, every blessing is a test. 
Lesson learned in life, Quotes images,every test is a blessing
 Every test is a blessing, 

  • Be careful  what you tolerate , you are teaching people how to treat you. 

Lesson learned in life, quote images, be careful what you tolerate
Be careful what you tolerate 

  • There comes a time in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s book, and write your own. 
          ~Albert Einstein 

Lesson learned in life, Albert Einstein quote image,
Stop reading other people’s book. Start creating your own. 

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  • We all grow at different rates . And that’s ok.
  • Do what you have to do, until you can do what you want to do.
  • You could give some  people a drop of water ,and they’d still appreciate you.You could give the other people the entire ocean, and they’d still take you for granted. 
  •  your faith is not tested on your best days. It is tested on your worst days .
  • Don't be a rigid person who never bend and mold himself according to the situation.

  • Forget the person but not the lesson .

  • In three words I can sum up , everything I have learned about life, it goes on.  . .

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