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How to achieve success ?

Updated : 11. Jan.2020

How to achieve success ?
How to achieve success? 

You are going to read in this article,  definition of success,  how to achieve success? Hurdles in achieving success , and finally yes you can achieve success. So let’s begin.  . .

What is your definition of success :

The idea of seeing the success of everyone is different. 

  • Some people think that having more and more money is success. 
  • Other think that achieving one particular purpose is success. 
  • you may think that having a good reputation in society is success. 

 No matter what is your idea of success is, make sure that after achieving the particular purpose :

 Are you really happy ?

Are you satisfied with what you have ? 

When you are satisfied  with what you have  and happy from inside, You see things in  positive way. And thus you can discover  new ways of success . And then no one  can stop  you from any further proceedings.You became unstoppable.  

“Whatever your definition of success is , you have to keep in mind that you can only be 

successful ,if you have the right attitude and way of thinking”. 

How to achieve success? 

1: “Get your life right in terms of God’s law , think , believe and visualise success”. 

2: conceive > believe > achieve

3:  passion> practice > patience = success

Formula of success
Formula of success 

4:  Believe>behave > beget (bbb)

How to achieve your goals
How to achieve your goals

5: “When you truly believe that you deserve success,  your mind will generate ways to achieve it”.

6: "Success "
See your goal
Understand the obstacles
Create a positive mental picture 
Clear your mind of self doubt 
Embrace the challenge
Stay on track 
Show the world you can do it. 

7: “Follow one course Until Successful”. 

Formula of success, how to achieve success, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes
How to achieve success

8: “It is the hungry ones that get to taste success “. 

9: “Turn your pain into anger , anger into Motivation ,  and motivation into success”. 

Hurdles in achieving success :

1: Rigid behaviour :

“Your rigid thinking and behaviour is the biggest hurdle in your way to success”. 
~Sadia Arshad 

2: Only losers give Excuses :

“Excuses are for those who have no desire to succeed”. 
~Sandeep  Maheshwari 

3: Stop announcing your goals to others :

“If you announce  your goals to other , you’re less likely to succeed. You lose motivation”. 

4: Stop avoiding risks:

“success is a risk . If you are not feeling a little uneasy , then you are not doing it right “.

5: Stop searching supporters :

“Success is a lonely road ,and only  few dare to take it “.

6: Don’t stop learning :

"We will be successful at any point of time ,if we don't stop learning.".

7. Stop searching comfort zones :

To be successful you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Yes you can achieve success :

"Believing in yourself , is the first secret of success ".

 “However difficult life may seem ,
there is always something you can do ,and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up”.
 ~Stephen hawking

 “Success will never lower it’s standard to accommodate us , we have to raise our standard to achieve it “.

 “The price of success is failure after failure after failure , hopefully each of these failures provide an opportunity to learn ".

“Failure will never overtake me , if my determination to succeed is strong enough “.

How to achieve success, how to overcome failure, success quotes
Don’t lose enthusiasm 

“Failure is the mother of success”

“Success is not final , Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”. 

“Failure is success in progress”.

“If you want to succeed, you have to let failure be your best friend.”.

“A winner is just a loser who tried one more time “.

How to achieve success, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes
How to achieve success 

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New year quotes

Updated :21 dec 2019

Collection of new year quotes , wishes and sayings :

 In 2020, live your life to the fullest , learn to be happy with yourself , with your imperfections, and know how to make the world what you want it to be with these positive quotes for the next 10 years.

2020 is not actually start of a new year but it is start of a decade. So much change, both good and bad, that we've experienced in the past ten years, so before 2019 ends, take a minute to look back on your life, your experiences and how you've interacted with the world so that you can decide to use these next years to be even better. 

"2020 is the year I am going to transform my life,  with the help of God ."

New year quotes , sayings and wishes 2020
Going to transform my life .

"The biggest lesson I learned this year is not to force anything,  conversations ,friendships ,relationships, attention,  love . Anything forced is just  not worth fighting for , whatever flow flows , what crashes crashes .It is what it is ".

New year wishes and quotes 2020 , lesson learned this year ,don't force anything.
New year quotes 

“O my dear forget your fear ,

Let all your dreams be clear, 

Never put tear , please hear ,

I want to tell one thing in your ear ,

Wishing you very happy new year”. . .

New year wishes, May this new year brings all the crazy colours and fun in your life.
New year quotes

"May this new year biings all the crazy coloures and fun in your life ."

New year wishes and new year quotes 2020
Happy new year

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, learning, living, pushing  yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.”

Happy new year
New year quotes 

“You can’t undo the past . But you can 

certainly not repeat it” .

New year wishes 2020 , begin to make changes now, and next year will be better.
New year quotes 2020

"Begin to make changes now and next year will be better. "

 “I Thank you Lord”

“For all blessings you gave me this  year .

For the sunny days and for the sad cloudy 


For the peaceful afternoons and the long, 
dark nights. 

Thank you for health and sickness,  

for the sorrow and joys I had this year .

Thank you for all the things

 you lent me and then took back again. 

Thank you lord for the friendly smiles and 

helping hands ,

for the love I received and all wonderful 


For the flowers and stars, 

for children and loving souls thank you for

 the loneliness,

  for work, for difficulties and problems 

 tears because all these brought me closer 

to you. 

Thank you for preserving my life,  

For supplying shelter, food and all my 


 What awaits me this year? 

Whatever you wish , My Lord !

I ask only that you grant me faith to see
you in every thing 

that comes my way , 

Hope and courage to not give up,

 And love more love for you each day  and 

for those around me, 

Give me patience  humility,  

mildness and giving heart, 

Give me Lord what you know is good

 for me and that which I know not

 how to ask grant me a obedient heart and 

a listing ear

 An alert mind and active hands so that I 

may yield to your desire

 And submit to your perfect will for my life. 

Pour out your blessings over all 

my love ones

 and bring peace

 to the heart of men”.


New year quotes and wishes 2020
Hang in there.  .

"Everything  wil be ok so soon , just hang in there and don't worry about it too much.  Everything will be just fine .Have a blessed year."