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How to control your negative thoughts?

Updated : 22 August 2021

In this article you are going to read how to control or overcome negative thoughts. 

William James quote about thinking, when you make a picture in your mind, you can achieve that thing in reality , law in psychology.
 Quote on thinking by William James

There is a law in Psychology   that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.

Your thoughts define you :

Your believes and thoughts define your whole existence. You don’t really live in reality,  your thoughts create  your reality. 
Thoughts are  generally shaped by genetics,  life  experiences , education, environment,  the company you keep , the stuff you read . . .
"Every thought we think is creating our future."

Your thoughts have power :

Your thoughts and  believes  have power to change your physiology and neurology. Your thoughts can make you feel  powerful or powerless. The thoughts you hold become things . "The quality of your thinking determines
 the quality of your life ".

How to control your negative thoughts.
Be kind to yourself. 

How many thoughts you have per day :

Scientists estimated that humans have about 70,000 thoughts per day.
That means  you have  about 70,000 chances to change your life per day ,
 by   changing  and controlling your negative  thoughts.

 But question is , how to control your negative thoughts?  

Don't let your thoughts control you.
Don’t let your thoughts control you. 

1Be aware of your thoughts , you can save yourself from  it’s adverse effects by keeping yourself constructively occupied  or by diverting your thoughts to something positive. Take care of your thoughts 
You think about every thing but not about your thoughts.
Don’t  host your own pity party , by thinking negative.  So be kind to your mind , you deserve good things , take the first step to change your whole existence  by changing your negative thought in to positive one.

"The mind is its own place and in itself, can make Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven."
~John Milton  

Psychology says be kind to your mind. Make up your mind don't  be the victim of negative thoughts.
Be kind to yor mind , don't be the victim of your  negative thoughts .

2: What I believe controlling your thoughts are not much difficult as compare to facing negative people around you. 
 So try to avoid negative people, those who have problem for every solution. Because their vibes vibrate (provoke) your negative thoughts. 

But problem is , you have to deal with these type of people often in your life so what to do ?

I don’t exactly know  what should be done in such a situation ?  But what I think, believe, and learned from my experiences , listen to them and agree with them , but deep down  hold on your beliefs and positivity.  

3: learn something new every day. That will help you to overcome thoughts of uselessness. It could be as little as opening a new level of a game.  There are lots of free educational apps on Google play store  that will help you grow, and increase your knowledge. 

4: Spend time with like minded people. 
It will help to maintain your positivity and believe that still good people exist.
Surroundyourself with :
  • The inspired. 
  • The motivated. 
  • The open minded. 
  • The passionate. 
  • The great full. 
Be so busy  with these five , so you wouldn't have any time to pay attention on the negativity , haters and negative people are spreading.

5:  Don't believe everything you think .
Even having negative thoughts is  not a problem, actually problem is you believe them.
Remember,  perception is always greater than reality. What you think might be merely your perception , it could be wrong . So why so serious? 

There are so many other  ways .You only need “will power”  to do any thing .

 These above ideas I personally use , you can tell me your ideas regarding how you control or  overcome your negative thoughts  by commenting in comment section . And one more thing,  don't forget  to share. 

Thanks  for reading !

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