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Psychology says

Updated : 9 December 2021


  Psychology says :

Psychology says
It is all about psychology

Some interesting facts and sayings about psychology :

Halo effect :

Psychology says :
Attractive people are perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy .Even if they are not . This is called the halo effect .

Attract others :

In short term you can attract people by your words , but in the long run your work (efforts) speak .

Engage yourself in some sort of activity 

People tend to be Happier when they are kept busy,as this prevent them from thinking 
About the negative things in their life. 

Constructive feelings :

In all feelings anger and love are most constructive and destructive feelings.

Dressing well :

The way you dressed is linked with your mood .So dressing well most often helps you keeping more stably happy.

Cherophobia :

Some people are actually afraid of being too happy , because they think something tragic is going to happen. This is known as cherophobia .

Power of mind :

your body hears  everything your mind says .
"The cells in your body react to every thing your mind says. So negativity brings down
Your immune system and you fall sick. "

Emotional & logical brain :

your emotional brain can not be controlled by your  logical brain .That's why we say love is blind .


Non apprehension of reality leads to misapprehension .

Brain activity after death :

when a person dies , they have seven minutes of brain activity left in which they see a dream like sequence of their memories.

You and life :

you and life are two different things or you yourself is life ?
you are life .Don't draw a line between you and life . Life include yourself your surroundings , the people around you , everything, if you are passionate about only yourself no one will like you , but if you are a type of person who can accommodate others in their  life  then people will surly like you.

(Gist of sandeep Mahashwari ‘s lecture )

Peace of mind : 

 Put question marks on your believes , that the problem bothering you , is really a problem or it’s just your imagination? That will bring your mind in peaceful situation.

(Gist of sandeep Mahashwari ‘s lecture )

I can and I will : 

It  is difficult to change your self  in a day But at least give it a try. "Rome was not built in a day”. Whatever the mind expects, it finds. Keep yourself constructively occupied.
Remember , I CAN and I WILL.

Smile :  😊

Smile. And smile some more. It adds to your face value and to your personality as well.

Enemy of truth :

Blind believe in authority is the enemy of truth.
 ( Albert Einstein )

Low self esteem : 

People  with low self esteem are more likely to criticise others .

feeling ignored :

Feeling ignored cause same chemical effect as that of injury.

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