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Psychology says

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                    Psychology says :

Psychology says
It is all about psychology

Some interesting facts and sayings about psychology :

Halo effect :

Psychology says :
Attractive people are perceived as more intelligent and trustworthy .Even if they are not . This is called the halo effect .

Attract others :

In short term you can attract people by your words , but in the long run your work (efforts) speak .

Constructive feelings :

In all feelings anger and love are most constructive and destructive feelings.

Dressing well :

The way you dressed is linked with your mood .So dressing well most often helps you keeping more stably happy.

Cherophobia :

Some people are actually afraid of being too happy , because they think something tragic is going to happen. This is known as cherophobia .

Power of mind :

your body hears  everything your mind says .
"The cells in your body react to every thing your mind says. So negativity brings down
Your immune system and you fall sick. "

Emotional & logical brain :

your emotional brain can not be controlled by your  logical brain .That's why we say love is blind .

Misapprehension  :

Non apprehension of reality leads to misapprehension .

Brain activity after death :

when a person dies , they have seven minutes of brain activity left in which they see a dream like sequence of their memories.

You and life :

you and life are two different things or you yourself is life ?
you are life .Don't draw a line between you and life . Life include yourself your surroundings , the people around you , everything, if you are passionate about only yourself no one will like you , but if you are a type of person who can accommodate others in their  life  then people will surly like you.

(Gist of sandeep Mahashwari ‘s lecture )

Peace of mind : 

 Put question marks on your believes , that the problem bothering you , is really a problem or it’s just your imagination? That will bring your mind in peaceful situation.

(Gist of sandeep Mahashwari ‘s lecture )

I can and I will : 

It  is difficult to change your self  in a day But at least give it a try. "Rome was not built in a day”. Whatever the mind expects, it finds. Keep yourself constructively occupied.
Remember , I CAN and I WILL.

Smile :  😊

Smile. And smile some more. It adds to your face value and to your personality as well.

Enemy of truth :

Blind believe in authority is the enemy of truth.
 ( Albert Einstein )

Low self esteem : 

People  with low self esteem are more likely to criticise others .

feeling ignored :

Feeling ignored cause same chemical effect as that of injury.

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