Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Self help

Updated : 27 May 2019

Self help tips :

It is easy to change your environment than your circumstances. But is changing  or escaping from your present situation  gives you guarantee of your desired situation???? .  . .

And the answer is “No ”.

If you want to change some thing in your life , start changing your inside, don’t depend too much on others . Make your inner world strong , because most of the time, you actually know the solutions but you don’t  take a step forward to solve the issue. 

Reason ????

Here are some obstacles in achieving your goals , that also cease your self growth. 
  •  You most of the time confined  yourself in your  limited believes. 
  • You confined yourself in negative useless thoughts .
  • Confined in  fear of failure , 
  • Insecurities of present and future,
  • Blind believes in authority,
  • Too much  Rely on others  so on . .

Remember,  beneath your fears great opportunities lie . .
And opportunities dance with those who are already dancing on the dance floor. .

Take a step forward , take the responsibility of your life . You are the ceo of your life.
So, Give time to your goals ,pay attention to your instincts.
"Your only limit is You ".
The only thing stopping you , is you .
“You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.”

If you Want to achieve something, or want to solve any issue do work for it 
I know  it is not a one day process. But “Small changes add up to big changes .”

Self help tips, motivational quotes, life is not a coincidence, it is mirror of your own deeds.
God help those who help themselves. 

Life is not a coincidence, it is mirror of your own deeds,
So don’t let your thoughts, words and deeds let you bleed. 
“What you allow is what you continue .”

Don’t force people to acknowledge your existence, if they really know your worth they will stay with you .If they don't notice that you really exist , never  force them .Expect from yourself only .

Be responsible of every decision you make every  action you  take . Don’t blame others  .  Blaming others is also an escape from your flaws. Just do your work ,Some times you will win ,sometimes you will  learn .

Thinking the same thing will not give you new solutions. Old ways not lead you towards new success. Think out of the box .

Self help tips, motivational quotes, happiness is a habit,  cultivate  it .
Self help is the  best help. 

Be happy with what you have.
 “Find happiness first ,then  success will come .”Find happiness in small, little things . And remember happiness is a inside job . 
No one can really  make you happy until or unless you find your own ways to make yourself happy .Until or unless you decide to be happy. 
Your happiness is your responsibility don't expect it from others.

I will keep  updating , these kind of self help tips, make sure you keep visiting my blog . And give your feedback back in comment section below. 
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