Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Emotional wellness

What is Emotional wellness? 

Emotions are a necessary part of one’s  life. When you are attentive to both positive and negative emotions or feelings and able to understand how to handle these emotions. It means you are emotionally healthy  . Emotional wellness also includes the ability to learn and grow from experiences.

“Grow through what you go through.” 

How you are feeling from inside right now? 
If you are clam , content and feeling ok right now and feel ok most of the time . Then you are emotionally healthy. 

Emotional wellness quote, make sure you are fine from the inside too.
Emotional wellness quote

When you are emotionally healthy you generally feel good about yourself. Emotionally healthy people have flexibility , they can adjust in every situation. They acknowledged their emotions. They know how to manage and express themselves when they feel upset .

Emotional wellness inspires :

 self improvement, calmness ,help you out to manage your  stress and the development of inner strength. Allow your self to learn from your mistakes , and learning from your own mistakes is actually the best way to improve your self .
Emotional well-being also encourages proper decision making skills. It is an important part of overall wellness.

Emotional wellness is all about management :

Emotional wellness is not about how many problems you have in your life ,everyone has to face them on and off . It's more about how you approach and manage  the problems in life.

We all face difficulties in our life , but how we respond to these difficulties and problems matter more than that difficulty.
Your reaction to a problem is often a bigger problem than the problem.

It is hard to see the bright side during tough times, it is really challenging but whatever you are going through try to find out the ways that can help you to get rid of hard times.  It can only be possible if you are able to manage your emotions. 

Emotionally healthy people still feel sadness ,anger, stress , but they know how to manage their feelings. 

How to manage emotions? 

If you want to improve and maintain emotional health ,it  takes efforts and ongoing evaluation of your thoughts and feelings.
Ask questions from yourself :
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  • How can I do things better or how can I manage this negative emotion? 
  • How can I learn from this to better my future? 
Improving Emotions  doesn’t happen overnight.
It’s important to be patient with yourself.

Remember what ever emotion you are experiencing is because you chose yourself to feel that way .you are the source of all your emotions. 
Your  thoughts  play  vital role in your emotion forming. So focus on good things .
Emotions can teach you value able lessons.  Be confident  that you can handle this emotion . Be confident that you can face any thing , because every thing happens for a reason and may be this reason can help you out to become a stronger individual.

Thanks for reading!

 Stay blessed 
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  2. You are right Braddie G .Thanks for sharing your thoughts.